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vietnam national coal - mineral industries holding corporation limited
Vinacomin makes efforts to ensure industrial safety and hygiene
Thứ Tư, ngày 30/05/2018

Known as a high risk safety job, recently, Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Holding Corp. Ltd (Vinacomin) has made efforts to provide effective solutions to minimize the loss of occupational safety.

Vinacomin Mining Construction Company is responsible for excavating coal pit and preparing production steps for coal mining units. The company identifies that raising laborers’ awareness in implementing labor process, construction methods and sense of self-safety is very necessary to ensure industrial safety. The company asks team leaders and workshop managers to be responsible to the Directorate for safety. Every year, Vinacomin spends more than 1 tril. VND on safety work. This move aims at reducing labor force, increasing productivity and safety.  In 2017,  the number of serious accidents in the coal industry is the lowest in recent years. Particularly in the first 4 months of 2018, the number of serious accidents decreased 4 cases over the same period last year.

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