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Vinacomin records high coal output
Thứ Tư, ngày 13/06/2018

Vinacomin has accelerated coal production and sales in order to meet targets set for the first six months of this year.

Its coal output during January-May reached 16.87 million tonnes while 17.6 million tonnes were sold, or 47.7 percent and 48.9 percent of the set yearly target. Of the total sales, 16.87 million tonnes were consumed domestically and 727,000 tonnes were exported. 

In the period, the group’s revenue was estimated at 52.5 trillion VND (2.28 billion USD), accounting for 46.1 percent of the yearly plan and up 23 percent on a yearly basis. 

Coal inventories of the sector were around 7.35 million tonnes, down 1.66 million tonnes from the beginning of the year. 

In June, Vinacomin aims to produce 3.4 million tonnes of coal and sell 4 million tonnes, of which 3.77 tonnes will be sold to domestic customers and 230,000 tonnes exported, thus reducing the coal inventories to under 7 million tonnes.

The group has revised its coal sale target from 36 million tonnes to 38 million tonnes in 2018.

As part of efforts to realised the goal, Vinacomin has asked its units to balance production and demands to reduce inventories, while making rational investment and streamlining the apparatus in accordance with their restructuring project.

Vinacomin’s members have focused on coal that is in high demand and processed high-quality coal. High productivity was recorded in Deo Nai coal company, Coc Sau company, Duong Huy company, and Tay Nam Da Mai company.

Giá vàng

Loại Mua Bán
Vàng miếng SJC 44,720 44,920
Vàng ép vỉ Hưng Thịnh Vượng 44,700 45,050

Giá than và các kim loại cơ bản

Mặt hàng ĐVT Giá % thay đổi
Than USD/tấn 68.50 -3.32%
Đồng USD/lb 2.6045 -1.11%
Chì USD/tấn 1,903.00 0.36%
Aluminum USD/tấn 1,721.00 -0.06%
Thiếc USD/tấn 16,600.00 0.45%
Kẽm USD/tấn 2,172.00 1.07%
Nickel USD/tấn 13,023.50 0.71%

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