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vietnam national coal - mineral industries holding corporation limited
Vinacomin raised its ownership in Ha Tu Coal JSC to 65%
Thứ Tư, ngày 08/05/2019

Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Holding Corp. Ltd (Vinacomin) has completed the purchase of 449,220 THT shares of Vinacomin - Ha Tu Coal Joint Stock Company, thereby raising its ownership to approximately 16 million shares, equivalent to 65% of capital of Ha Tu Coal JSC.

Ha Tu Coal currently lists nearly 24.57 shares, market capitalization reached VND194 billion. In 2018, the Company achieved revenue of 2,820 billion VND, exceeding 7% of the plan; profit before tax of over VND100 billion, nearly 5 times higher than the plan approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

However, in 2019, the 2019 revenue and profit plan of Ha Tu Coal fall sharply compared to the performance in 2018, with the expected number of VND 1,996.76 billion and VND 15.46 billion respectively. Dividend 2019 is at 7%.

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