Vinacomin increases the offer price for shares of TC6
Thứ Sáu, ngày 12/10/2018

Vinacomin has recently decided to adjust the public bid price for shares of Coc Sau Coal Joint Stock Company (stock code: TC6). Accordingly, the offer price of TC6 shares increased by 900 dong from 4,600 dong to 5,500 dong.

Vinacomin registered to buy 4,547,469 shares, equivalent to 14% of the total stake of TC6. If this transaction is successful, TKV will increase its stake in Co Sau from 51% to 65%.

As a result of TC6’s sales in the first half of this year, its net revenue for the six months was VND1,596 billion, up 18% y / y. Profit after tax was VND7 billion, growth of 17%.