05:58 ICTThứ Ba, 28/01/2020
Vinacomin gained 92.876 trillion dong in revenue by the end of Q3
Thứ Sáu, ngày 12/10/2018

In September, the Group produced 2.47 million tons of raw coal and 3.18 million tons of clean coal; produced 112,000 tons of alumina while consuming 154,108 tons. Other manufacturing and business sectors have achieved and exceeded the plan. Estimated revenue was at VND10,111 billion.

Accordingly, the Group's total revenue for the first nine months of this year was estimated at VND92,876 billion. Profit reached VND3,000 billion and the Group has paid VND 12,550 billion to State budget.

The local demand for coal for production of electricity, cement, fertiliser and others is forecast to remain high in the time ahead so Vinacomin will manage to balance the coal production and sales to reduce inventory and meet the demand at the same time.

This year, Vinacomin sets to sell from 38.5 - 39 tonnes of coal, including 34.2 million tonnes of clean coal, up 1.32 million tonnes year on year.

Giá vàng

Loại Mua Bán
Vàng miếng SJC 43,450 43,850
Vàng ép vỉ Hưng Thịnh Vượng 43,500 43,900

Giá than và các kim loại cơ bản

Mặt hàng ĐVT Giá % thay đổi
Than USD/tấn 68.00 -0.77%
Đồng USD/lb 2.6057 -3.28%
Chì USD/tấn 1,952.00 -1.01%
Aluminum USD/tấn 1,781.00 -0.78%
Thiếc USD/tấn 16,850.00 -1.06%
Kẽm USD/tấn 2,341.00 -0.13%
Nickel USD/tấn 12,872.00 -3.03%

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