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Tan Quang Cement received the 2017 Silver Quality Award
Thứ Ba, ngày 25/09/2018

Tan Quang Cement Joint Stock Company was awarded the Silver Award of the 2017 National Quality Awards for its efforts in production and business.

The Golden and Silver Award of 2017 National Quality Awards are given to 15 and 58 enterprises, respectively. These are businesses in all sectors of the economy, which are assessed to be good-quality, competitive and capable of international integration.

Based on the nomination of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Asia-Pacific Quality Organization awarded the Asia-Pacific Quality Award to 4 outstanding companies.

Having been organized since 1996 up to now, the National Quality Award has awarded more than 1,800 enterprises and 44 winners in the Asia-Pacific region. This is the highest award for quality goods in Vietnam. It is the motivation for enterprises to innovate in quality, update international standards systems and to actively integrate Vietnamese products into the world market.

Tan Quang Cement Plant has a capacity of 910,000 tons of cement per year, located in Trang Da Commune, Tuyen Quang City.

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