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Son Dong Thermal Power Company strives to achieve 1.25 billion kWh in 2019
Thứ Tư, ngày 08/05/2019

In 2018, Son Dong Thermal Power Company was completed 18 days ahead of schedule and exceeded the targets in the production and business plan. The company achieved an impressive number of highest output in the last 5 years with 1,270 billion kWh of electricity and the profit target is estimated at VND157 billion.

In 2019, the Company continues to strive for the target of producing electricity output of 1.25 Mwh; revenue reached VND1,634,411 million  and profit was VND50,800 million.

Having the above results is due to the right and appropriate strategies of the Company's leaders, along with the efforts of the whole employees. Son Dong Thermal Power Company has gradually built a unit to become a bright spot in production - business and take care of employees' lives, while affirming the continuous development of the Company to contribute to the national electricity output.

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