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Not to lack coal for power generation and other consumers
Thứ Tư, ngày 08/05/2019

Recently, the Government Office informed the Conclusion of Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung at the meeting on coal supply for the power generation and other consumers.

According to the conclusion, Prime Minister (PM) requires Ministry of Industry and Trade MOIT to establish the diagram of coal supply for coal fired thermal power plants (TPPs) and to have solutions not to lack coal for power generation and other customers according to the PM’ direction No 445/TB-VPCP dated 3/12/2018 expressed in announcement of Government Office.

The announcement stated that after nearly 4 years of implementing Directive No. 21/CT-TTg dated 26/8/2015 of the Prime Minister on strengthening the state management of coal production and business activities (Directive 21), illegal coal mining, transportation and trading has decreased, illegal coal consumption has been limited, contributing to the coal industry's sustainable development, making a significant contribution to state budget and actively contribute to ensuring national energy security, socio-economic development of the country.

However, the current situation of domestic coal production and trading and the international context has changed a lot compared to the time of issuing Directive 21.

Therefore, to ensure strict and updated in accordance with the conditions of current coal production and business, Deputy Prime Minister asked the MOIT as presider in coordinating with related ministries and agencies to review the documents on directing to operate the coal production, business and supply in united manner and ensuring the effective coal mining and trading.

In the case, if it is necessary MOIT can study and report to the PM on adjusting and supplementing Directive 21 to guarantee the synchronizing property and effectiveness of coal production, business and supply management in the new status. 

Giá vàng

Loại Mua Bán
Vàng miếng SJC 48,500 48,800
Vàng ép vỉ Hưng Thịnh Vượng 47,670 48,420

Giá than và các kim loại cơ bản

Mặt hàng ĐVT Giá % thay đổi
Than USD/tấn 58.25 -0.21%
Đồng USD/lb 2.3485 1.25%
Chì USD/tấn 1,673.75 -0.36%
Aluminum USD/tấn 1,512.50 0.33%
Thiếc USD/tấn 14,960.00 -0.88%
Kẽm USD/tấn 1,938.00 0.36%
Nickel USD/tấn 11,695.50 -0.02%

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