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La Hien cement: Profit after tax in H1 increases 17%
Thứ Ba, ngày 25/09/2018

La Hien Cement Joint Stock Company (CLH-HNX) has just released its financial report for the first 6 months of 2018 and the enclosed explanations.

Accordingly, in the first 6 months of this year, CLH reached VND344.1 billion revenue, up 20% over the same period last year.

Costs such as sales were VND6.8 billion and corporate governance was VND13.2 billion, up only slightly from the first half of 2017. While financial expenses fell from VND9 billion to VND5.9 billion.

Accordingly, profit after tax in the first 6 months of CLH reached VND13.7 billion, up 17% over the same period last year, EPS of the first 6 months reached VND 1,367 / share.

La Hien Cement Joint Stock Company has a chartered capital of VND100 billion, a subsidiary of Viet Bac Mining Industry Corporation (holding 51% of CLH's chartered capital). In recent years, CLH has high EPS among cement companies listed and cash dividend at 15% per year.

Giá vàng

Loại Mua Bán
Vàng miếng SJC 44,780 44,980
Vàng ép vỉ Hưng Thịnh Vượng 44,780 45,110

Giá than và các kim loại cơ bản

Mặt hàng ĐVT Giá % thay đổi
Than USD/tấn 67.75 -0.34%
Đồng USD/lb 2.5801 -1.07%
Chì USD/tấn 1,929.50 -1.83%
Aluminum USD/tấn 1,720.00 0.00%
Thiếc USD/tấn 16,525.00 0.15%
Kẽm USD/tấn 2,128.00 -0.79%
Nickel USD/tấn 12,739.00 0.08%

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