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Cooperation between Vinacomin and Japan strengthened
Thứ Sáu, ngày 28/09/2018

To meet the demand for effective coal exploitation, Vinacomin is boosting cooperation with Japanese enterprises on improving production capacity and safety management for coal pits.

Thanks to Japanese experts’ support, currently, Ha Lam’s longwall systems are exploiting output, exceeding the designed capacity. Besides Ha Lam , Japanese experts are also providing technical assistance to exploit and  ensure safety in many coal pits in Quang Ninh province. Under the cooperation agreement, in 2017, Vinacomin sent 74 trainees to Japan . At the same time, JOGMEC Corporation also opened training courses to transfer coal mining technology to 500 Vinacomin staff and laborers. The cooperation with Japan has helped many coal units improve the level of science and technology, thus improving coal production capacity.

Giá vàng

Loại Mua Bán
Vàng miếng SJC 43,450 43,850
Vàng ép vỉ Hưng Thịnh Vượng 43,500 43,900

Giá than và các kim loại cơ bản

Mặt hàng ĐVT Giá % thay đổi
Than USD/tấn 70.27 -0.96%
Đồng USD/lb 2.7695 -0.69%
Chì USD/tấn 1,958.00 0.26%
Aluminum USD/tấn 1,824.50 0.69%
Thiếc USD/tấn 17,575.00 -1.54%
Kẽm USD/tấn 2,454.50 0.43%
Nickel USD/tấn 13,584.00 -2.56%

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