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Abbreviated name: VINACOMIN

Decision on establishing state-owned enterprise No. 653/TTg dated 10/10/1994  and Decision No. 345/2005/QD-TTg dated 26/12/2005 of the Prime Minister of the Government of Vietnam on establishing Vietnam National Coal, Mineral Industries Group.

Head Office: 226 Leduan, Trung Phung ward, Dongda district, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Telephone: (84) 4.8510780 / Fax: (84) 4.8510724
Email: vptkv@vinacomin.vn - Website:www.vinacomin.vn 


1. Business areas of VINACOMIN are: 

- Coal industry: Exploration and survey, exploitation, processing, sale of coal products at domestic market, and export-import of coal products. -Mineral-metallurgical industry: Exploration and survey, exploitation, processing, and metallurgy of solid minerals: bauxite (alumina -aluminum); iron ore (producing steel ingots), copper, lead, zinc, tin, titanium, manganese, gemstones, gold, and other minerals.

- Power industry: development, operation of power plants (mainly coal-fired thermal power).

- Mining chemical industry: production, supply, export-import of various kinds of industrial explosive materials.

- Construction materials: cement, float glass, stone, and other construction materials.

- Investment construction, real estate business.

- Machinery: manufacturing of mining equipment, building and assembling of truck (up to 40 ton payload), shipbuilding.

- Services: geological exploration, survey and mapping; seaport, marine, transport; trading, tourism; scientific research and technological study; training; healthcare.

2. Coal potential in Vietnam 

In Vietnam coal exists in many parts of the country. There are various kinds of coal: peat, lignite, fat coal, anthracite. So far nearly 200 coal deposits have been explored with total reserve of almost 7 billion tons, of which anthracite and semi-anthracite account for approximately 3.5 billion tons. .

During oil and gas exploration, a brown coal field was discovered in Northern delta with reserve of about hundreds of billion tons.

3. Other minerals potential in Vietnam

Mineral resources (other than coal) in Vietnam are abundant and diversified with good quality and reserves. According to results of exploration, iron ore reserve is about 1 billion tons, chromites 20 million tons, copper 751,000 tons. Other minerals include tin, wolfram, gold, lead, zinc, uranium, antimony, rare earths, gem, limestone, clay, etc. Some minerals with large potential and high economic value are being exploited for socio - economic development of the country.

4. Targets by 2010:

- Salable coal: 45-48 mil.tons

- Power generation : 1350 – 2460 MW
  (Put into operation): (installed capacity)

- Alumina: 0.9 – 2.4 mil.tons

- Steel billed: 220,000 tons

- Cement: 1.7 mil.tons

- Truck assembling: 3000 trucks

- Ship building: 15000 DWT ship

- Turn-over:  US$ 3.0-4.0 billion

5. Business direction of Vinacomin Group

- Coal industry: stimulating investment, coal mining, coal sale and generating electricity from coal firing, producing liquidized gas and liquid fuel from coal using clean technology to add value to coal.

- Aluminium industry: developing on fast track aluminium industry in the Highland and Central coastal zones with bauxite deposits exploration, mining, and production of alumina, aluminium bar and aluminium commodity products.

- Metal mineral industry: restructuring the mineral operation units at localities in the direction of establishing joint-stock companies with participation of local companies for investment, exploitation and intensive processing of minerals in industrial scale in Tay Bac, Viet Bac, Central region and Highland.

- Mining chemical and Construction material industry: pushing up investment in production of industrial explosive materials, cement, building glass and other materials applying modern technology.

- Mechanical and machinery business: concentrating on modernization of mechanical repair work, promoting machinery manufacture, making mining equipment, producing and assembling heavy-duty trucks, special purpose vehicles, building ships.

- Real estate business, environmental projects including afforest ration and business enterprise trading (merging, buying and selling).

-Services: expanding scientific and technological services, training, occupational diseases; finance, banking; transport, trading and tourism, with serious attention paid to services within the scope of sea economics.

- Overseas investment: pushing up investment in mineral and energy areas in Laos, Cambodia and looking for investment opportunities in other countries. Vinacomin Group uses the mining area in Quang Ninh as its base and chooses the Highland and the Central coastal areas to be its strategic sites, then actively invests in mountainous provinces of Tay Bac and Viet Bac where minerals exist, invests in Laos, Cambodia and gets prepared for development of a new coal basin in the Red River Delta.

6. Large Investment projects under construction and to be constructed during the period 2006 -2010: 

- New investment, improvement, and expansion of coal mines to increase the capacity by approximately 15 million MT; new investment in coal washing plants with total capacity of over 10 million MT.

- Tan Rai Bauxite -Aluminum Complex (Lam Dong) is under development with capacity of 600,000 MT of alumina per year, total investment capital of 493 million USD; Nhan Co (Dak Nong) alumina refinery is being constructed with capacity of 300,000 MT alumina per year and total investment capital of about 250 million USD. Projects are under preparation for advancing to establishment of some companies for mining bauxite and refining alumina in Oak Nong province, with capacity of the first stage being 1.9 million MT alumina per annum, and total investment capital of approximately 1,600 million USD.

- Constructing and commissioning the coal-fired thermal power plants: Cam Pha (2 x 340 MW); Son Dong 220MW; Nong Son 30MW; Mao Khe 440 MW; cooperating with AES Corporation of the United States to build Mong Duong thermal power plant No.2 of 1,200 MW; holding shares in Hai Phong and Quang Ninh Thermal Power Joint Stock Companies. At present, Na Duong and Cao Ngan thermal power plants 110MW each are in commercial operation.

- Putting into operation Thai Nguyen Zinc Plant of 10,000 MT/year, Lao Cai Copper Refinery of 10,000 MT/year; planning to develop the projects of Thanh Hoa chromites, Cao Bang and Lao Cai steel billet plants; contributing capital to establishment of Thach Khe iron ore mining joint-stock company.

- Building a floating glass plant at Chu Lai (Quang Nam) open economic zone with capacity of 700 tons of liquid glass per day; Quan Trieu (Thai Nguyen) cement plant of 600,000 tons per year; expansion of La Hien (Thai Nguyen) Cement Plant with 600,000 tons per year. Bauxite exploration projects in Central Highland, Sin Quyen (Lao Cai) copper project; Titanium oxide joint-venture company in Binh Thuan with capacity of 5,000 tons of TiO2 per year.

7. Overseas investment: 

VINACOMIN GROUP and its subsidiaries are prepared to apply to the Vietnamese and foreign competent authorities for permissions of: (1) Exploring, mining coal and metallic minerals in the People's Democratic Republic of Laos with an aim at cooperating with Laotian and other companies to:

- Exploit coal for use in cement and construction materials industry; and for power generation in Laos.

- Exploit minerals and construct metallurgical plants in Laos. (2) Exploring, mining minerals in the Kingdom of Cambodia with an aim at cooperating with Cambodian and other companies to:

- Exploit bauxite, produce alumina.

- Exploit, process iron and other minerals.

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